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New national codes and standards require a much more comprehensive approach to construction projects.  We keep ourselves up to date with industry compliance standards so that we can protect your interests.  By providing you with comprehensive design coordination services, you avoid having to deal with a number of different design consultants.   

Architectural and Engineering Design 

Architecture is not about drawing buildings.  It is about producing an integrated environment to enhance your lifestyle.  Our experienced team of architects, draughts men and engineers, consider elements such as acoustics, energy conservation and environmental engineering from the outset.  HPA also has a diverse portfolio of existing healthcare and residential designs that can be customised to suit your project. 

Electrical Design – Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions came about as the collaboration between a company heavily involved in electronic design and manufacturing, and a company involved with the building industry in a design and installation capacity.  We have offered clients a seamless design and build experience for over 20 years.  We are able to provide certified designs for any level of electrical or ICT service.  We specialise in greenfields, retirement village infrastructure, but have extensive experience providing solutions involving security access, co-generation, photovoltaic, nurse call, IT and fibre reticulation.  We can assist with the entire process including project management and provide solutions with affordability and longevity in mind.  We have a wealth of knowledge and experience that translates to a better outcome for clients – there isn’t an electrical or electronic design that we cannot provide.

Resource and Building Consent Aquisition 

As well as completing and submitting the required documentation, HPA will liaise with the local district council on your behalf throughout the lifespan of your project and handle any obstacles that arise while acquiring the necessary Resource and Building Consents. 

Market Research and Analysis  

HPA uses market research companies that are experienced in the healthcare and retirement lifestyle sector to conduct research (e.g. focus groups, surveys) in the projects local community to ensure our designs match the needs and preferences of your target market.