HPA’s goal is to turn your project vision into a reality.  Through experience we are able to identify opportunities clients may not have considered, or challenges they are likely to face.  Whether your project is a lifestyle village, a care facility, or both, HPA creates an environment responsive to the needs of the resident or end user, balanced with the challenging commercial restraints of your ownership.



Concept development and Master Planning 

Master planning involves the development of an overall spatial plan of your project, so that you can see its full potential at an early stage. This process ensures that HPA has a clear understanding of your expectations from the beginning. The initial master plan can also be a useful tool when trying to obtain funding from investors.

Feasibility Assessment 

Before committing to any major expense, HPA can provide you with a thumbnail feasibility. Working alongside our designers, HPA’s commercial team can model development costs and projected revenues, generating a range of options for your consideration; a task that would normally incur the costs of several different specialist design and financial consulting firms.  Your project benefits from HPA’s in-house flexibility.

Raising Finance

Our commercial team can guide you through the often-complex process of negotiating with banks or private investors to raise the required capital. HPA’s capital and operating cost estimation services give clients and potential investors a realistic indication of the finance required to successfully complete their project, from the outset.

Aurum Master Plan