Director of Design

Director Technical Solutions

Group Financial Manager

Commercial Manager

Construction Operations Manager

Project Manager

Project Manager

General Manager - Technical Solutions

Tamsyn Braude

Site Manager

Group Accountant

Accounts Administrator


Architectural Designer

Graduate Architect

Graduate Architect

Architectural Technician

Site Team – Amberley Country Estate

Led by Hamish Ward and Tamsyn Braude

  • Mick Carson, Site Supervisor¬†
  • Jordan Reihana, Carpenter
  • Conor Higgins, Carpenter
  • James Thomas, Carpenter
  • Shae Ford, Apprentice Carpenter
  • Charlie Hewett, Apprentice Carpenter
  • Regan Reeves, Labourer

Site Team – Aurum on Clutha

Led by Jeff Long and Jim Whipp

  • Jade Brooks, Site Supervisor
  • Alan Bell, Carpenter
  • Tyler Loewen, Carpenter
  • James Millar, Carpenter

Site Team – Technical Solutions

Led by Lee Eagle and Regan Sim

  • Jack Brogan, Electrician (Clyde)
  • Tim Ansorge, Electrician (Clyde)
  • Ben Oldham, Apprentice Electrician (Clyde)
  • Mason Henderson, Apprentice Electrician (Clyde)